How does beach membership to Round Hill work? 

On your first visit to Round Hill Hotel & Villas, you will register with the front desk to establish charging privileges. Registration will also ensure that your name appears on the membership list so that all Round Hill activities are available to you. Membership enables complimentary use of the beach & tennis courts, Wednesday night manager's cocktail party and daily afternoon tea. Use of water sports, tennis lessons and ball boys, Pineapple Kids Club, fitness center and spa will attract charges as, of course, will food and beverage purchases.

Fees (subject to change):

Pineapple Kids Club - $20 per child, per day; Fitness Center - $25 per person, per day

How do we get to Round Hill? Can we walk?

Although the main gate of Round Hill is about a 10 minute walk down the hill and across the road, the road you cross tends to be a busy one. If you are comfortable walking, it's a very easy trek (not recommended with small kids). Otherwise, the drive from door to door takes all of 2 minutes.

Note: Round Hill will be closed September 5 - October 5, 2017.